Manufacturing and installation of movable acoustic walls

How would you like to have full control over a space? Create a room that can be divided or expanded as the need arises: an open-plan space, an open section and a meeting room, several offices…multiply the available space in a matter of minutes with our movable acoustic walls, truly flexible space division solutions with outstanding levels of stability and sound insulation.

Create flexible space and maximize performance with TABIEXPERT movable acoustic walls.

A customized project requires customized solutions

Others will tell you that there’s only one ultimate system, one that suits every project to a tee. At TABIEXPERT, we ask hotels, schools, and offices about their specific needs. Every installation strives to reach a goal, and we’re here to help you find the solution that guarantees you reach yours.

tabiques móviles tx-30


tabiques móviles tx-60


tabiques móviles


tabiques móviles tx-70


tabiques móviles tx-87


tabiques móviles tx-87 acustic glass


tabiques móviles tx-107


tabiques móviles tx-110


tabiques móviles vidrio silencioso


tabiques móviles tx-130


tabiques móviles tx-tabiglass interior


tabiques móviles tx-tabiglass exterior


tabiques móviles especiales


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Our completed projects are the finest testament to our work.

Working alongside our customers has made it possible for us to install movable walls across Europe, and successfully meeting their requirements has helped us to consistently improve our work.

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