The TABIEXPERT TX-TABIGLASS movable wall is part of our range of movable partition walls (without certified sound insulation). This type of movable wall is lightweight and doesn’t include any unnecessary elements making it perfect for customers who simply want to create a physical separation of space. This is our solution for a functional, stable model at a low price.

The TX-TABIGLASS.EXT system has been designed to limit the available space (for example, to divide a group so that they can work separately and somewhat independently) or to serve as a lightweight enclosure (for example, on a veranda). The TX-TABIGLASS.EXT system meets class 6 wind load resistance and safety requirements according to the UNE-EN 1932:2014 and UNE-EN 13561:2015/AC:2016 standards, making it suitable for outdoor installation.

Because of the reduced panel thickness (40 mm) and lightweight quality, this range is ideal for small walls or private installations. The bolt locking system means the wall can be easily and intuitively operated by anyone without a prior explanation of how it works. This makes it suitable for any type of installation.

This model, with exposed framing, supports a unidirectional (single suspension) or multidirectional (double suspension) motion system via an aluminum track attached to a load-bearing ceiling support. The track is recessed in the dropped ceiling and can be finished off with a white casing to conceal the hardware, or with the same finish as the panels if there is no dropped ceiling.

The movable wall is created with separate panels that range from 800 mm to 1200 mm wide and fit together with aluminum frames and concealed connectors. The core of the panels is formed by a sheet of 6+6 clear laminated glass supported by an upper and lower natural matte silver aluminum seal (standard finish).

The panels move manually and are locked into position with a floor bolt concealed in the edge and a front floor bolt on the locking panel. The panels align vertically with the walls via fixed side jambs that level out the surfaces. A double nylon brush seal on both the top and bottom of the panel is used for vertical adjustment.

Extras available separately:

  • Track powder-coated
  • Panel framing powder-coated
  • Panels finished with veneered board
  • Panels finished with translucent laminated glass
  • Panels finished with laminated glass with a print film
  • Movable wall with fixed hinged door at the end of the movable wall
  • Panel with inset pass door (cannot be the same as the locking panel)
  • Panels lock using a semi-automatic system
  • Please consult us for other requirements