With the TABIEXPERT TX-87.ACOUSTICGLASS we’ve managed to create a floor-to-ceiling glazed acoustic movable wall with a level of acoustic comfort that matches professional settings like training rooms, offices, etc. This model creates a partition that does not visually block off spaces, providing the advantages of an open space while delivering the privacy and sound control needed for a high degree of concentration.

The TX-87.ACOUSTICGLASS system offers 44 dB of airborne sound insulation in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 717-1:2013 standard, certified by an ENAC/ILAC MRA accredited laboratory.

On a scale of perceived noise level, it converts a noisy environment (for example, the noise created by a vacuum cleaner or a passing train) into a low-noise environment, reducing it to the level of a quiet conversation and completely isolating the sound of a classroom or business meeting. This range is ideal for walls subjected to intense use due to the relationship between the panel thickness (87 mm) and the insulation it provides as well as its locking system with no floor track or bolt required.

This panels are compatible with the TX-87, making it possible to combine panels from both models.

This model, with exposed framing, supports a unidirectional (single suspension) or multidirectional (double suspension) motion system via an aluminum track attached to a load-bearing ceiling support. The track is recessed in the dropped ceiling and can be finished off with a white casing to conceal the hardware, or with the same finish as the panels if there is no dropped ceiling.

The movable wall features separate panels that range from 800 mm to 1200 mm wide and fit together with an aluminum tongue-and-groove system that incorporates a magnetic strip for guaranteed panel interlocking. The panels’ outer layer is double 4+4 clear laminated glass supported by an aluminum frame to create a 58 mm inner chamber.

The panels are locked into position by a double retractable seal that can be extended to the floor and a side-operated track activated with a 90º turn of the removable handle. The panels align vertically with the walls via fixed side jambs; the last panel has a lateral seal to lock the wall in place. The seals and joints are made with EPDM profiles and neoprene strips that guarantee flawless sealing and soundproofing.

Extras available separately:

  • Track powder-coated
  • Panel framing powder-coated
  • Panels finished with veneered board
  • Panels finished with translucent laminated glass
  • Panels finished with laminated glass with a print film
  • Interior crossbeams that form blocks according to the design
  • Movable wall with fixed hinged door at the end of the movable wall
  • Panel with inset pass door (cannot be the same as the locking panel)
  • Panic bar built into the pass door leaf
  • Solid panel with glazed surface
  • Panels lock using a semi-automatic system
  • Please consult us for other requirements