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TABIEXPERT movable walls

Discover one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market: from simple partition walls to designs with high-performance sound insulation and virtually unlimited choice of finishes. All our movable walls feature panels that fit together with an aluminum tongue-and-groove system and are suspended from the ceiling, no floor track or rail required. The panels are locked into position using a double retractable seal operated via a 90º turn of the handle or a floor bolt.

The standard finish is double melamine-faced chipboard. The edge profiles can be concealed to give the impression of a solid wall, or exposed to create patterns and contrasts that enhance the overall aesthetics.

Sound-absorbing textile sheets and other special finishes are available for a selection of models. We also have laminated glass designs (single-glazed or double-glazed with air chamber).

Our movable wall designs can be equipped with a range of motion systems, as well as pass doors, wall junctions, and a host of unique solutions. We manufacture our movable walls with the finest materials in terms of technical performance (insulation, fire resistant, etc.), aesthetics (powder-coated, veneered, etc.), and functionality (writable surface, magnetic, etc.).

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